Michal is always keen to empower herself and grow her business, and with a keen eye for make-up, all Michal needed was to learn the technique to Permanent Make-up.

Michal says: “I want women to feel amazing when they wake-up in the morning and not have to struggle with things like drawing eyebrows and applying eyeliner.”

After doing meticulous research, Michal found the company Premier Permanent Make-up, which developed a pain free procedure. What could be better?



Price list for Permanent Makeup:


Brows R1750
Full lip liner R1750
Full lip colour and blended lip liner R3200
Eyeliner – natural/ thin top OR bottom R825
Eyeliner – designer/ thick top OR bottom R990
Eyeliner – natural/ thin top AND bottom R1590
Eyeliner – designer/ thick top AND thick/thin bottom R1925
Eyeliner – mucosal R1050
Eyeliner – french add on any colour R1050