Michal Samovich started her beauty career in 2003 with her decision to study Health & Skincare therapy at Camelot International in Houghton, Johannesburg. She graduated after 3 years with a Diploma in Somatology and Holistic Therapies. And her Health & Beauty journey started…

For the next couple of years, Michal gained experience working at different salons, spas and medi-clinics. She also grew her knowledge and fed her passion for the beauty industry by attending different supplementary courses. The opportunity presented itself for Michal to take on a Spa Manager position at a reputable Beauty Spa. This was an incredible learning experience, and with this accumulated knowledge of the beauty industry, it was time for Michal to explore the industry as a freelance beauty therapist and started her own mobile therapy business.

Feeling inspired to grow her own business and add value to the service she offers to her clients, she ventured in to make-up. She enrolled in a one-year course at the Kohl Make-up Academy in Greenside. The world of make-up was something that Michal found she has an intense passion for and knew her career was on the right path. She put all her available time into volunteering on photo shoots, and gaining as much experience as possible about the different aspects of this exciting industry. She was awarded for her dedication by receiving the ‘Student of the Year’ award.


Once she graduated, she furthered her experience, and landed a position in the Queen Motlale Make-up team who was commissioned for the make-up for the FIFA World Cup Opening and Closing Ceremonies. This opened a world of opportunities for Michal – she’s since worked on big commercial shoots, movies, live events, bridal, education and television, and have been fortunate to work with some of the most renowned names in the industry.

Michal has always found joy in educating others and giving people the right tools to use, whether it is giving private make-up lessons to clients, make-up workshops for corporate clients or lecturing at make-up schools and institutions. Michal definitely regards Make-up as her calling.

A few years passed and Michal was once again on a mission to empower herself and grow her business; and Permanent Make-up was her next adventure. With a keen eye for make-up, all Michal needed was to learn the technique to this popular trend. Michal says: “I want women to feel amazing when they wake-up in the morning and not have to struggle with things like drawing eyebrows and applying eyeliner.”

After doing meticulous research, Michal found the company Premium Permanent Make-up, which developed a pain free procedure. What could be better?

Michal has now incorporated her beauty, make-up and permanent make-up knowledge into one company called MS Make-up – a perfect combination of all of Michal’s talents.